Our Mission

Romanza Lyric Opera is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the wonderful and awe-inspiring experience of opera and musical theater to diverse audiences, and that means not only to those who already love opera and musicals, but also and most especially to new audiences... people of all ages and walks of life who have not yet been exposed or have had limited exposure to these genres. Our second goal, and one which we also prioritize, is to provide training and performing opportunities for all the different talents involved in a musical theater production. Hence, not only for singers and musicians, for whom we provide vocal training, repertory coaching, acting and interpretation, but also training and experience in the areas of set design and construction, stage direction, back stage crew work, lighting and sound, event coordination and promotion, etc. Therefore, our training and teaching staff includes reputable singers, voice teachers, production managers, choral directors, drama instructors, event coordinators and promoters, set designers, orchestra conductors, and sound and lighting engineers. Romanza Lyric Opera is proud to partner with professionals that have a proven track record of excellence in their field, with careers of eminence not only in the United States but also internationally, and to be able to count with their priceless collaboration in the process of training talent.

What we do

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Entertaining Lectures

Entertaining and informative lectures.

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RLO Training

Vocal, performance and production.

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Performances and Events

Concerts, highlights and full productions.

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RLO for Children

Exposure, participation and training.

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The Company

Meet our Professionals.

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Join Us!

Volunteer and Support.